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Press park

We have a versatile press park to process different metals. Experienced staff select the right machine for each forming operation and use previous forming simulations to achieve precise and stable results.

We form with progressive and transfer presses. These presses enable the sequential forming of metal sheets. They are used to produce complex parts where multiple operations are required.

Hydraulic and mechanical presses offer the ability to apply large forces to the metal and shape it into the desired form. Fluidcell presses are special hydraulic presses used for deep drawing metal sheets.

In addition to forming, we also use in-house toolmaking and repair. We can therefore manufacture tools required for forming in-house and repair them if necessary. This enables efficient maintenance and adaptation of tools to specific requirements.

The use of modern forming equipment and the experience of our employees enable us to achieve precise and stable forming results. The combination of versatile press equipment and in-house toolmaking enables us to react flexibly to customer requirements and produce high-quality metal forming products.

Technical properties

4 hydraulic press 

200 – 630 t

4 mechanical press 

450 – 2000 t

1 fluidcell press 

1.400 bar

table sizes

max. 1.730 mm x 2.500 mm e.g.
max. 5.100 mm x 2.200 mm

Materials / Flexibility

High-strength and high-strength steels

no restrictions

High alloy steels

no restrictions

Aluminium alloys

no restrictions


no restrictions

Stainless steels

no restrictions

Nickel based materials

no restrictions

Magnesium alloys

no restrictions