We are the experts in metal technologies


Separating realised on demand through laser cutting

Our expertise lies in the safe and efficient separation of different materials. We adapt our machining strategy optimally to the number of parts and their complexity and respond individually to each shape.

For laser cutting, we select either CO2 or solid-state lasers with different wavelengths depending on the requirements. This allows us to process a wide range of materials, such as steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Our modern laser cutting machines and robots also enable us to cut complex shapes and contours with precision.

One of our specialties is paint stripping. Specially developed laser heads are used to precisely remove the layers of paint from the component.

Technical features

3 Laser systems

3- to 6-axis,
CO2 and solid state lasers with max. 6 kW,
cutting range: 2D 1,500 – 4,000 mm; 3D 1,190 – 3,700 mm,
Max. component size 2,200 x 4,500 mm

Material / Flexibility


all metallic materials as:

Steel and steel alloys

Thickness up to 10 mm


Thickness up to 5 mm


Thickness up to 10 mm

Nickel-based alloys

Thickness up to 10 mm

Varnish stripping:

Standard varnishes 

No restriction on material composition