Our apprentices are stars

New trainee film is online

We did it, the final clapperboard has fallen!

Our trainee film is finally finished and we are very excited about the result. A big thank you goes to all contributors and to the agency schnellervorlauf gmbh and for their support and the cool cuts.

In the film we introduce you to four different apprenticeships at Binder: Toolmaker, Machinist, Mechatronics and Office Administrator. Our apprentices talk about their experiences and impressions. They provide a realistic insight into what training at Binder involves and what it’s like behind the scenes. Because maybe it’s a potential workplace for some of you.


At a time when many young people are looking for a suitable apprenticeship, our film can be a good guide. At Binder, we are proud to offer young people different perspectives.

Watch the film and feel free to share it with friends and family who are looking for an apprenticeship. We look forward to your feedback and welcoming one or two to Binder.

You can watch the whole film on YouTube
or on our training page