New training manager launched

Change in the head of training management

We are pleased to introduce our new training manager for technology! Simon Ganserer – a trained toolmaker who successfully completed his training at Binder in 2020 – will assume responsibility for the technical training of Binder trainees with immediate effect.

Simon Ganserer has spent the last few years preparing intensively for his new task. After his apprenticeship, he worked for us as a toolmaker and continued his training to become a certified technician. His desire to pass on knowledge to young people has not gone unnoticed at Binder. This makes him the perfect choice for this position.
His situational and individual management style enables him to respond to the needs of each trainee and to support and encourage them individually. His goal is to achieve good exam results that every trainee can be satisfied with.



Training at Binder is practical and offers a wide range of knowledge.
We attach great importance to our trainees feeling valued and that they are needed. We train according to our needs and later offer flexible work assignments in areas such as aviation, automotive and machinery.
We also believe that social and family aspects are important and support our trainees in these areas.

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is important to invest in training and support talented young people. We do this.
We would like to thank our “old” training manager Mr. Mayr for his very dedicated work with our junior staff.
We wish our new training manager Simon much success and pleasure in working with our trainees.