Binder Technology is partner of leading companies in Aerospace, Power Generation and Architecture.


AEROSPACE – pushing the limits to the maximum possible degree


Our company has many intersections with the aerospace sector. Our common objectives are a maximum of security and utmost precision.

We are both pushing the limits of the various materials and the respective properties to the maximum possible degree.

For almost 15 years we have been cultivating close cooperative customer relationships in this industry sector. Because of this cooperation, we are often involved in the project phases of the client at an early stage.

Our clients benefit from the high and certified quality that complies with the standards of the aerospace sector.
As an aerospace approved company we are certified AS/EN ISO 9100 and NADCAP for welding (laser and TIG).
To be able to guarantee safe and optimum production conditions complying with the industry best practices we are enlarging our separated aerospace production area.

Selected materials are used: Ni-based alloys (e.g. Inconel 625/718, Hastelloy X, C263), titanium, high-alloyed steels (high-temperature steels).


Production Technologies in the aerospace sector


• Forming for the safe and secure serial production, with precise control and regulation
Laser cutting – razor-thin and accurate
Machining – with precision, accuracy and power
Welding – even minimum thicknesses and various quantities
Tests – meticulous and consequent, like laboratories are working

This creates products such as engine components, amongst others air mixers, LPT casings, cooling plates, impingement rings, T-piece half-shells of piping, intermediate casing, ACCs and structural components.